Film Review: My Hindu Friend (2015)

Starring: Willem Dafoe, Maria Fernanda Cândido, Reynaldo Gianecchini, Selton Mello, Bárbara Paz and Guilherme Weber Directed by: Hector Babenco Synopsis: Willem Dafoe is Diego, a film director suffering from cancer. During his treatment for a bone marrow transplant he meets and befriends an eight-year-old Hindu boy (Rio Adlakha) and must quickly realise that it's not … Continue reading Film Review: My Hindu Friend (2015)

Film Review: Marriage Story (2019)

Starring: Scarlett Johansson, Adam Driver, Laura Dern, Alan Alda, Ray Liotta, Julie Hagerty, Azhy Robertson and Wallace Shawn Directed by: Noah Baumbach Synopsis: With inspiration taken from his real life divorce to Jennifer Jason Leigh, Baumbach creates a film that conveys tremendous amounts of conflict as well as several moments of light comedy - ones tinged with … Continue reading Film Review: Marriage Story (2019)

Film Review: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Emile Hirsch, Al Pacino, Damian Lewis, Timothy Olyphant, Luke Perry, Mike Moh, Rafal Zawierucha, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Margaret Qualley, Lena Dunham, Dakota Fanning, Maya Hawke, Austin Butler, Madisen Beaty, Mikey Madison, Costa Ronin, Samantha Robinson, Kansas Bowling, Harley Quinn Smith, Bruce Dern, Michael Madsen, Zoë Bell, Damon Herriman and Kurt Russell Directed … Continue reading Film Review: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

Film Review: Pan’s Labyrinth (2005)

Starring: Ivana Baquero, Sergi López, Maribel Verdú, Ariadna Gil, Álex Angulo and Doug Jones Director: Guillermo Del Toro Synopsis: Five years after the end of the Spanish Civil War, Ofelia (Baquero) and her pregnant mother, Carmen (Gil) travel to Francoist Spain to live with Carmen's new husband, the ruthless Captain Vidal (López). After arriving, Ofelia … Continue reading Film Review: Pan’s Labyrinth (2005)